Rare Exmoors: The Old Altai Line

Why might an Exmoor bloodline become rare? Michael Dewhurst gives us an insight into the under-represented bloodline from the Exmoor foundation mare, o76/1 Old Altai. Since the original article was written for Native Pony Sou’West in 2012, much has changed; with foals being born, ponies passing away and much time & effort on the part … Read more

“I hope I don’t look like a frog!” – Small breed M&M’s and adult riders’ debate

At the Horse of the Year show (HOYS), comments from Horse & Hound’s showing editor about adult riders on small breed M&M’s caused quite a stir in the showing world. She remarked that “long-legged riders on small ponies look like frogs” and this caused a flurry of complaints and arguments on online forums and several … Read more