The Exmoor Pony; A Beautiful Creature

I was able to watch this lovely video for the first time yesterday after finally purchasing a set of speakers for my computer. I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt very inspired by the end of it. I shall certainly be looking to buy a copy of  ‘The Foals of Epona’.

I hope you enjoy this video too, please click the following link to view – “Jack Hargreaves – The Exmoor pony, a beautiful creature

2 thoughts on “The Exmoor Pony; A Beautiful Creature

  1. I am the stepson of Jack Hargreaves and own all rights to his ‘Out of Town’ broadcasts. I am unable to understand why the film I uploaded to youtube – ‘Jack Hargreaves – The Exmoor pony, a beautiful creature’ – has been, according to Youtube, removed for breach of Youtube’s rules on appropriate content. I apologise for this removal and am trying to find out the cause of the problem, Regards, Simon

  2. Sorry to hear this, Simon. We stumbled across it and loved the broadcast. Please let us know if you get it published again. Kindest regards, Beansy. 🙂

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