Live from HOYS – n/e 138cms (jumping)

First in was Wyken Pyrene – she did a beautiful round in  a great rhythm with just one fence down. We have just got back from walking to course (photos to follow!) so sorry for lack of commentary on that one – a beautiful mare though.

Gallant Prince in now – he does a nice collected round but had the water and the stone henge down. Right think I’m ready for full commentary on them now – here we go!

Next in is Brooksan Kitchene. – last yearchampion – he looks keen and jumps a beautiful first and second jump. The rider is concentrating hard but he isn’t phased – he has fabulous jump but has a reminder for the water. I really like his style – he’s very neat and clean. A fabulous clear from the fell.

Tyan Tullamore in now – a super consistent pony. He pushed on to the first, not sure if it fell or not. He seems quite excitable but settled as he comes to the fourth. He sorts himself out to the fourth putting in a massive stride. He found his rhythm after the water jump. I think it was a clear.

Next in is Cregduff Don – he looks quite big but think its the rider. Raps the first part of the double but meets number four perfectly and goes well over the water. He is afull brother to Cregduff Donal who was 9th in the riddens yesterday. A lovely clear.

Kilmazing Realtor in now – he is a careful jumper and raps the double – a lot of them are hitting it. Meets four perfect – he is very together and controlled and pricks his ears for the water. What a lovely stalllion he is and she punched the air to signify a great clear round.

Next in is the beautiful Hollizan Hosanna – a lagile and agile welsh B. she is very forward going andsee is keen to get on with the job, clear over the double, comes to the fourth and meets perfectly – she has an unlucky pole at the water but clear other than that.

Next in is Sam on Milcroft Iska Roc – 3rd in the riddens yesterday and he has established a beautiful rhythm. She has to kick on for the fourth fence but has a clean jump and doesn’t look like he will be touching a pole. She gives him a pat as she comes to the stone henge and delivers a tidy and polished round.

Springfieldpark Razzle in now – he is keen and going along well and jumping out a nicrhytmthm. She knocks the first part of the double down and taps the second and backs off the water jump so that’s a stop – she comes around again and knocks the top pole. She looks a bit nervous – is this the girl that had a nasty fall last year? Flies over the last two.

Next in is Foxhill Soldier – the boy on top is oonly young and looks tiny. He kicks on to the first and flies the second, clear over the double. He does a fabulous jump from a stride out to grasps on the fourth – a super hunting pace. A lovely pony, but just rolls the top of the water jump. A great shame as his did a fabulous round, super round.

Next in is another fell, Meres Javlin – he comes up a bit slow to the first and cleato the second. Sarah Parker is having to work really hard at the jumps – knocks the first part of the double and the fall. He is refusing to go near the water tray at all. A shame but he didn’t look like he was into it today.

Gwyllan Rooney – a personal favourite of Mine. He is going beautifully and jumping really well but just rolls the standoff stone henge and struggles at the water having that down too. HeI seemed to be lacking some oomph but picks up towards the end. Well done Vicky and Rooney.

Next in is Twynnd Good Friday – he is very forward going and has a big knee action. Georgia is riding fabulous but misses the stride to the water and knocks the top off. He stutters at the cottage jumps and loses rhytm but flies the last line.

Milcroft Dow Jones – a lovely pony he is. Moving on well to the first and clear to the fourth. He is making nothing of it despite only being 12.2 – the water jump wobbled but stayed up. He is doing a fabulous round for Emily – a beautiful clear round.

Next in is a lovely new forest stallion, Furzley Charade. He looks keen and ready to go. Jumps the first beautifully and has gathered many admirers. He comes to the double but backs off and and knocks the first and runs at the second, clears it on second attempt. Does a lovely jumpon er the wall and a big jump over the water! He has a really lovely style and way of going. Just that blip at the double unfortunately.

Willoway Free Spirit – another new forest stallion. Over the first and second with no problems and clears the double. Cat leaps the fourth and the water but it’s effective as he cleared it. He is putting in some big leaps! An unfortunate two down in the last line.

Now in is Wortley Dragoon – another little girl on top. She is a fab rider – she really let’s him move on and find his rhythm. Clear to water jump and does a fab jump. She is another going at a great pace – a beautiful clear round.

Bronheulog Harvey with Milli Manners on top – another tiny jockey. Got a bit close to the second but clear as she comes to the fourth  it knocks the wall. He refuses at the water despite her efforts and does a big leap to jump it but knocked it down. He comes to the last line and flies them, just an unfortunate two down and a stop.

Thats the last of the jumping – I’m just going to set up a new thread for the ridden and results part. Two minutes!

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  1. Katy did have a nasty fall not last year but in 2010. Such a lovely family – I am really disappointed for them.

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