Live from HOYS – M&M WHP championship

I am just about to make my way over to the M&M worker championship in the International arena, looking forward to seeing the six gorgeous ponies from this morning in it.

The finalists are:-

Pontsarn Sidan

Carmilo Magician

Milcroft Iska Roc

Tyan Tullamore

Fairlies Red Flare

Willoway Court Jester

The lights are dimmed and the judges are in! The lights come up and in come the ponies. They all look beautiful and everyone is dressed up and look fabulous. The second placed exceeding 138cms doesn’t seem to be presenting today so there are only five forward now.  Oops sorry, he is here – couldn’t see him!

Thesteer now trotting on – Red Flare looks shining in he and the little welsh A looks lovely – the Shetland is really showing himself off. They are all going very well Nd are now canteriNg on. They all seem to be bunching together at the moment, some need to find a space – think they are going to extend up the long side – lots of whopping and cheers! The shetLand and the D really go for it as does Tyan Tullamore. This really could be anyone’s championship!

They are all having a look and their decision is made!

The Reserve champion is…..



And the PRP Rescue Services 2012 M&M WHP championship goes to..


Apparently that is Amy’s last ride on FAIRLIES RED FLARE  – what a way to end you partnership. Really pleased these two got it they are fabulous! Lots of cheering, whopping and galloping! Beautiful, well done Amy and Olivia.

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