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The Rexon Show Team

The Rexon Performing Ponies are a family team made up of Rachael Grylls, Kaylee Blight and the multi-champion 19 year old Welsh Cob stallion Trevarth Black Lad. For the past five years, the Rexon team have developed an extremely strong bond of trust with their team of ponies, proving that with kindness, patience and understanding anything can be achieved. They now perform fabulous displays to music with elaborate costumes, with the help of the team manager Patsy Grylls, who not only helps choreograph the shows but also designs and makes the costumes. The team started out by giving performances from their home in Lewdown, Devon to raise money for various charities. With the performances being fully booked and everyone who viewed them leaving smiling, it was obvious that great things were to come for this extraordinary team.

The team rehearsing for Mini HOYS

In 2008 and 2009, Rachael and Black Lad auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent, Patsy said that “Black Lad was incredible to be able to perform in front of 4,000 people under huge spotlights – and that horse just kept bowing while they cheered!” However, they were not lucky enough to make it through to the live finals, but they were contacted by them again in 2010 asking for them to audition for a third time. They declined the offer as they felt that “the judges simply didn’t understand,” although it took four phone calls and two emails for Britain’s Got Talent to accept that they were not returning.

Kaylee & Rachael with Louis Spence at the red carpet finale.

In 2010 Black Lad and the girls gave two evening performances at Mini HOYS in Lincolnshire and a range of other events and agricultural shows, all of which were a great success. Patsy told us that “it’s hard work making sure the routines work and I can be quite tough on the girls at times, but it has to be perfect.” The dedication and determination Rachel and Kaylee show in their intense training regime has finally paid off as the team finally made their break. Last summer, they auditioned for ‘My TV Pet Star’ when the tour came to Devon. Black Lad stole the show and they were signed up immediately and the owner of the production company introduced them to John Gubba, who is now their agent.

Black Lad and the girls were signed up to a prime time TV slot on Sky One called ‘Louis Spence’s Showbusiness.’ Patsy said of Louie Spence, whom they only met part way through filming the show that “he’s a lovely man and made us feel totally at ease.” Filming took many hours across many locations including Launceston Show and on their own yard and at the end of all the filming for the shows, they were invited to the live finale. The red carpet event was held at the new Wimbledon Theatre, where they rubbed shoulders with not only Louie, but also with David Beckham and Ricky Gervais! The team said that it was an experience they would never forget. Their final show with Louis Spence was broadcast last Wednesday.

Black Lad in action

Black Lad has been provisionally booked for a blue screen shoot with production company ‘Blue Animals’ which simply means that a motion picture of Black Lad can be superimposed onto any piece of scenery – Rachael laughed and said “ we could see him rearing on the Eiffel Tower!” Since their appearance on Sky One, Patsy has been inundated with phone calls, not only from her agent, but from a number of production companies.

The future looks extremely bright for Rexon’s Performing Ponies and we wish them the best of luck for 2011!

Rexon Performing Ponies – \’Fight for this Love\’

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