NPSW Presentation Evening & Points Awards Results

Some of our prizewinners collecting their awards.

We had 32 people join us at the Victoria Inn, Threemilestone, for a social evening of chit chat and catch up after a long winter. The atmosphere was delightful, everybody had made an effort to look really fabulous and people had travelled a long way (some through snow showers!) in order to enjoy the evening, Maddie Buttner came down from Bristol and Alison & Peter Yates from as far away as Dorset. Sharon & Chloe Hawken must be mentioned for their particularly brilliant efforts for the ‘funky headwear’ theme for the evening! Before the puddings were served, we were able to make the special announcement that Native Pony Sou’West will be forming a membership base for 2013 starting on the 1st March and we already have some great events planned for the season. The announcement was followed by the presentation of our performance & in-hand awards – congratulations to all competitors and special thanks to the sponsors – Cornish Country Carriages for kindly supplying the championship rosettes and to Debbie Murch for kindly supplying the performance award rosettes. We didn’t wish for anybody to miss out so we also had some extra rosettes made for the in-hand awards and to make sure that all entries went home with a prize. Thank you to everybody that came and made the event a huge success. Let’s make a toast to an awesome 2013!

Performance Awards – Pure Bred
1st – Arthen Hedd – Debbie Murch (Welsh C) – 4865
2nd – Llannor Two Rivers – Sharon Hawken (Welsh A) – 4025
3rd – Dabernon Boyce – Mikileigh Batchelor (Welsh C) – 3435
4th – Polmesk Super Sonic – Paula & Ella Furniss (Welsh A) – 2995
5th – Dunedin Monarch – Celeste & Bryher Gall and Claire Garcia (Highland) – 2700
6th – Lyncrests Rhonda Lass – Michelle Cockburn (Highland) – 2225
Jensam Real Gem – Emma Murch (Welsh Cob) – 1610
Holmedown Chicago – Wendy Bridges (Highland) – 1600
Skellorn Gold Coin – Helen Woolley (Welsh B) – 505

Performance Awards Part Bred
1st – Wycroft Pasha – Sharon Hawken (Welsh Part-Bred) – 1640


CHAMPION: Arthen Hedd & Debbie Murch AND RESERVE CHAMPION: Llannor Two Rivers & Sharon Hawken

In-hand Awards Youngstock
1st – Hurtstock Moonman – Lucy Booth (New Forest) – 1800
2nd – Holmedown Clearwater – Wendy Bridges (Highland) – 1700
3rd – Llanmorlais Braveheart – Megan Rogers (Welsh Cob) – 1245
4th – Piran Oh So Joyful – Miss E Turner & Mrs E Kenyon (Welsh Part-Bred) – 1165
5th – Gwynfaes Gethin – Emma Murch (Welsh Cob) – 885
6th – Holmedown Logan – Wendy Bridges (Highland) – 860
Holmedown Roseville – Wendy Bridges (Highland) – 850
Holmedown Red Sox – E Devey & G Bunney, Lanwarnick Vean Native Ponies (Highland) – 620
Hawkwell Sariska – Alison Yates (Exmoor) – 410
Holmedown Ohio – Wendy Bridges (Highland) – 290

In-hand Awards Seniors
1st – Abbas Dancing Angel – Helen Woolley (Welsh Part-Bred) – 1025
2nd – Polmesk Super Sonic – Paula & Ella Furniss (Welsh A) – 590
3rd – Arthen Hedd – Debbie Murch (Welsh C) – 585
4th – Holmedown Chicago – Wendy Bridges (Highland) – 490
5th – Jensam Real Gem –  Emma Murch (Welsh Cob) – 445
6th – Skellorn Gold Coin – Helen Woolley (Welsh B) – 360
Lyncrests Rhonda Lass – Michelle Cockburn (Highland) – 190


CHAMPION: Hurtstock Moonman & Lucy Booth AND RESERVE CHAMPION: Holmedown Clearwater & Wendy Bridges


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