RESULTS: Native Pony Performance Day

This was the first time we’d run this type of event before and it was a resounding success! We were lucky enough to have the expertise of Laurie & Lucy Booth to build and judge an excellent working hunter pony course. With fillers, greenery and some fabulous ‘different’ fences we had great feedback on being able to offer a ‘proper’ workers course. The dressage was very well supported and the lovely relaxed atmosphere at Polgoda meant it was the perfect outing for many of the novices the show attracted. The top performing ponies were superb, with only one combination achieving over 70%, Thallia Turner and her lovely grey, Athenes Flight of Valarian who won both the Open Prelim 12 and the Open Novice 27. The highest scoring native pony went to Alice Wiseman with her beautiful Dartmoor, Shilstone Rocks Snow Flurry who stood top of the Native Novice 27 class. Dartmoors proved just how capable they are in the dressage arena with the second highest native score being awarded to Florrie Ball and Newoak Star Edition who also proved the breeds versatility standing

Many thanks must be extended not only to all our competitors who turned up to enjoy the day, but also to our dressage judges, Anderijin Peeters and Joan Dale,  Lucy & Laurie Booth for course building and judging and stewarding the working hunter pony ring and to all of our other helpers across the day – it was brilliant!


Class 5: Cradle Stakes
No entries.
Class 6: Nursery Stakes
1st Dryfe Sheer Sensation, Harry Dingle. 2nd Newoak Star Edition, Florrie Ball.

Mini Champion: Dryfe Sheer Sensation & Harry Dingle
Reserve: Newoak Star Edition & Florrie Ball.

Class 7: Novice, 12hh & under.
1st Newoak Star Edition, Florrie Ball
Class 8 & 9: Novice, combined heights over 12hh.
1st Fenrose Aine, Amy Smith. 2nd Millcroft Blue Bird, Lowenna Head. 3rd Blaengwen Lampard, Sarah Fletcher.
Class 10: Novice, non-natives.
1st Percy, Jenna Dingle. 2nd Foxy Lady, Kim Johns.

Novice Champion: Newoak Star Edition & Florrie Ball.
Reserve: Percy & Jenna Dingle.

Class 11: Intermediate, 12hh & under.
No entries.
Class 12: Intermediate, 12-13.2hh
1st Brock Katrina, Jasmine Smith
Class 13: Intermediate, Over 13.2hh.
1st Tambrook Twice as Nice, Ysella Brook. 2nd Bruckless Hector, Sophie Cain, 3rd Kekezza Mountain Spring, Alex Carne.
Class 14: Intermediate, non-natives.
1st Ziggy, Sarah Bell. 2nd Northern Fanfare, Rachel Tremaine. 3rd Thallia Turner, Athenes Flight of Valarian.

Intermediate Champion: Tambrook Twice as Nice & Ysella Brook
Reserve: Bruckless Hector & Sophie Cain.

Class 15: Open, 12hh & under.
No entries.
Class 16: Open, 12-13.2hh.No entries.
Class 17: Open, Over 13.2hh
1st Kekezza Mountain Spring, Alex Carne. 2nd Dunedin Monarch, Celeste Gall. 3rd Bruckless Hector, Sophie Cain.
Class 18: Open, non-natives.
No entries.

Open Champion: Kekezza Mountain Spring & Alex Carne
Reserve: Dunedin Monarch & Celeste Gall.


Class 1a: Intro B (Native Ponies)

1st – Sophie Cain & Bruckless Hector (Connemara), 61.3%
2nd – Keren Carne & Lydvale Ellenor (Fell), 60%
3rd – Susie Evans & Dunkery Tawny Owl (Exmoor), 58.26%
4th – Alys Gaisford & Carrock Ruby (Dales), 56.08%
5th – Sophia Williams & Cormoran The Boss Man (Shetland), 53.91%

Class 1b: Intro B (Open)

st – Catherine Wood & Hector, 59.13%
2nd – Helen Hazeltine & Midnight Minx, 59.13%
3rd – Jenna Dingle & Percy, 54.34%

Class 2a: Prelim 4 (Native Ponies)

1st – Florrie Ball & Newoak Star Edition (Dartmoor), 65.45%
2nd – Ysella Brook & Tambrook Twice as Nice (Welsh D), 61.81%
3rd – Lowenna Head & Millcroft Bluebird (Welsh B), 55.45%
4th – Lynne Batchelor & Milltown Murphy (Connemara), 50.45%

Class 2b: Prelim 4 (Open)

1 st – Rachel Tremaine & Northern Fanfare, 62.27%
2nd – Jenna Dingle & Percy, 61.36%
3rd – Stephanie Mcloughlin & Kings Firecracker, 57.27%
4th – Catherine Wood & Hector, 56.36%
5th- Sarah Bell & Ziggy, 50.9%

Class 3a: Prelim 12 (Native Ponies)

1st – Florrie Ball & Newoak Star Edition (Dartmoor),68.4%
2nd – Alice Wiseman & Shilstone Rocks Snow Flurry (Dartmoor), 67.6%
3rd – Celeste Gall & Dunedin Monarch (Highland), 65.6%
4th – Alice Wiseman & Brock Chatterbox (New Forest), 63.2%

Class 3b: Prelim 12 (Open)

1st – Thallia Turner & Athenes Flight of Valarian, 71.2%

Class 4a: Novice 27

1st – Alice Wiseman & Shilstone Rocks Snow Flurry (Dartmoor), 69.28%
2nd – Lucy Bowden & Misty Blue (Connemara), 66.07%
3rd – Sarah Fletcher & Dunkery Tawny Owl (Exmoor), 65.3%
4th – Celeste Gall & Dunedin Monarch (Highland), 55.71%

Class 4b: Novice 27 (Open)

1st – Thallia Turner & Athenes Flight of Valarian, 70%

OVERALL CHAMPION & HIGHEST SCORE: Thallia Turner & Athenes Flight of Valarian

Native Pony Sou’West Performance Champion (highest scoring native pony): Alice Wiseman & Shilstone Rocks Snow Flurry (Dartmoor)
Exmoor Pony Society Top Performing Exmoor Pony: Sarah Fletcher & Dunkery Tawny Owl

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