Courtesy of Emma James.

First go round done – Castle Admiral eyecatcher, Oaklands Satyricon looking excited.

blackwoodland meadow first out, a little tense. Aughnakeeragh dan moving very well, nice show. Rudgeway silver trinket did an ok show, chilham Aquarius covered ground in gallop but not sparkling. Fly the last flute did a polite show but could have galloped more, looks lovely though! Misty Blue looks fab, gleaming, lovely show but lacked gallop.  Skelton Monarch change of show showed almost no trot. Camus hero did a fine show but threw head. Chilham celestial switched legs at end of gallop but good show ungil then.

coisdeel Ollie not covering ground, looks very light. Than first night very good show, probably the winner, looked great. First half finished.

rosmeen Cygnus first of second half, probably best gallop so far. Usual polite show but quick to halt. RosenHarley ban iron Laura another good gallop and mannerly balanced show. Castle Admiral looks very beautiful And very well behaved for a baby but needed more gallop. Walstead Ladybird moving well, Goeteen Boy didn’t come back to trot until late, no gallop shown.

Haselor Cormac fussing in first trot but ok gallop. Wannie Michleen above the bit and lacking concentration. Shalwar Thunderstorm second half of show much better and finished well. Millfield Sonnet little hurried at end, moved well.

walstead pageboy covered ground in gallop and finished well, oak lands satyricon well ridden, held it together with a great gallop.  End of shows….

Walstead Pageboy, Rudgeway silver trinket

9th Fly the last flute

8th Blackwoodland Meadow

7th castle admiral

6th Tyan first night

5th Rosenharley ban rion Laura

4th misty blue

3rd Oaklands Satyricon

2nd Haselor Cormac

1st Chilham Aquarius

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