Courtesy of Emma James

The gorgeous Fells and Dales have now entered the ring….early eyecatcher is Johnny Steven’s one.

Just coming in for second go round, Telfords stallions looks good as usual and will be in the Cuddy later on also. There are quite a few looking overweight in here.
Runsdale mayfly first out – Didn’t catch its show. Murthwaite mr right not great start to show finished better
Little tree limited edition nice forward great gallop, Kilmannan Robert the Bruce nice could if galloped more, Waterside Ben neat show
Castle hill raven great gallop, Murthwaite windrush no bending looking at crowd but covered ground in gallop
Daloumie Foxy lady polite show, Muthwaite  Oliver mannerly show, Wolsey xabi fussing a little, First lot completed.
Tarbarl Matthew good gallop and Big applause. Castle hill magic slightly above bit at times, Lunesdale warrior queen tad forward
Nipna damask rose polite show looks well, Severnvale George big applause show good enough to win! Burnhead Henry fussing into gallop still a bit busy
Kilmannan black magic reluctant to come back to trot across diagonal, Sunnybrow prince great gallop good show overall, Bybeck evolution went very well back from gallop beautifully
Townend candyman good show, Waterside black prince good show. All finished now
9 little tree limited edition
8 bybeck evolution
7 kilmannan Robert the Bruce
6 wolsey xabi
5 tarbarl matthew
4 rundale mayfly
3 towend candyman
2 Nima damask rose
1 murthwait windrush


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