Courtesy of Emma James

11 Highlands forward

Mossside Mclaren looks fab love him. Lottie of coomebank lovely picture, tripped out of gallop good show though. Dunedin Duncan very flashy catches the eye safe show – it is his first time here. There are three Dunedin highlands qualified.
Trowan monty great gallop, Dunedin mountain rose nice show, Macaulaydene mannerly show. Strathmor drumochter … Good transition into canter very well turned out. First section finished.
Jura of meggernie slightly on the forehand, Dunedin finale very uphill could of galloped more, Good show from rhinns point Domnhull hendie, Horatio of Langley good show.
Macdougledene looks very nice very good show, Mosside maclaren mannerly and beautiful. All done now.
Rosettes being handed out now so not long until they are announced!
9 630 lottie of comback
8 627 Dunedin mountain rose
7 628 horatio of Langley
6 625 Dunedin Duncan
5 631 Macauleydene
4 632 Macdougledene
3 634 Rhinns point domnhull hendie
2 Strathlene drumocter
1 633 mosside maclaren

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