HOYS WHP: 143cm & under

Coverage courtesy of Elizabeth Bryant & Sophie James

Grange Bobbing Surf to start, touched a few to start, 2 down- nice rhythmical round. Peasedown mr muddle next – looks lovely, 2 down.  Cairns Fergus in next, the first of the three highlands to go – he flies around but has 3 down. Manninard cashel finn beautiful round sadly another 1 fence down.
Brynithon romance first clear of the class. Kilmazing realtor – has first and last down. Nice round. Fairies red flare last year’s champion with previous jockey. A bit quick and has plank down. Coathamden just dylan. First to have bridge down. Derby rails and last also go. 3 down, was too fast. Furzley charaide 1 down. Knockdalteen fox. Going at a fair old pace but they all stay up for a nice clear – well ridden!
Knavesash rustler. Beautiful round right up til the last. 1 down. Alexander of langsett. A bit hard work for Katie but looked to enjoy himself. 4 down. 3 down for Falfield Beeleaf. Crossdrum ozzie forward pace 2 down – All jumped now.

So only 2 clears – Knockdalteen Fox and Brynithon Romance……results coming shortly! Judges walking behind the line so looks like there are some ties….
9 grange bobbing surf
8 peasedown mr muddle
7th kilimazing realtor
6 fairlies red flare
5th Manniard cashel finn
4th Knavesash rustler
3rd Furzley charaide
2nd Brynithon romance
1st Knockdalteen Fox

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