HOYS WHP: 14hh & over

Coverage courtesy of Elizabeth Bryant & Sophie James

The jumps have gone up – there are a couple of big oxers but nothing overheight….the derby rails and first part of first double which are planks are the causes of most of the poles….the sunlight and audience filling up I think also increasingly distracting for them. There are 15 starting so don’t go anywhere!

Sailles lad first to go – lucky at 3rd fence, jumping huge, fluent round but 1 down. High flyer – spooked at patch of light in front of bridge but fluent round other than that and stays clear. Acton humbug – really like this pony and stays clear- good round. Next in is Shalamar thunderstorm, who also competed in the flat section yesterday but planks and rails down for him. Cashel Bay JJ in next – looking super. Confident but controlled round. Beautiful clear. He was my tip prior to start….the Highland, Hector of Langley is in next! Very enthusiastic, what a jump! Sadly number 5 down but the rest stay up and gets biggest cheer of the day!!

Broughton royal gloyw. Knocks 2 &8 and also the filler of double which I assume will also be counted making 3. Willoway court jester. Neat jumper but 1 down. Carrigs Pride has 3 down….Golden island star. Lovely controlled round, got very deep into 3rd but picked up and jumping well, a slower round and clear.

Murphys law. Cracking jump but quite speedy. Clear. Laburnum Richard – was doing lovely round until double which came down. Bellindene rock legend – Planks and rails down, lovely round other than that. Gorgeous George. Gets very lucky with some hard taps but everything stays up and clear. Last to go is Matty – starts a bit flat with 3 down but finishes well. Grey rock storm cloud not forward.
So that is the end of the jumping section and we have 6 clears. We will be back with the results in a little while!
9th bellindene rock legend
8th Willoway court jester
7th laburnum Richard
6th Murphys law
5th cashel bay jj
4th gorgeous George
3rd high flyer
2 golden island star
1st Acton humbug



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