NPSW Advent Calendar – December 2nd


Our Native Pony South West advent calendar is an Olympia Countdown. Every day in December we will be featuring one pony that has qualified for Olympia for the BSPS M&M Supreme on Sunday 22nd. Happy December!

Deagol 337/4 – 14 year old Exmoor gelding

Sire: Hawkwell Poseidon
Dam: Frithesden Amy

2013 Results:

  • 2nd in the HOYS qualifier at Three Counties Show
  • 2nd in the RIHS Intermediate Ridden Qualifier at NCPA Derbyshire
  • Champion NCPA Ridden at Derbyshire Festival
  • He also won all his ridden classes at the BSPS Heritage Champs include the Pretty Polly, Restricted and of course, the Olympia!

Deagol is owned and produced by Jade Pirie who rode him to qualify for Olympia at the BSPS Heritage Championships. This is Jade’s qualifying story…

My name is Jade Pirie, I am 16 years old and based in Cheshire. I recently qualified my 14 year old, Exmoor pony ‘Deagol’ for the Mountain and Moorland Ridden Championship at Olympia. This is a day we never though would happen just missing out on our HOYS and RIHS tickets this year. I never expected to ever qualify but always enter the breed class at the BSPS Heritage Champs. We’ve been in the top three in the class for the past 3 years but never thought we’d be standing in that first place position. As we stood in the line waiting for the numbers to be called out I didn’t expect a high place with nearly every pony in the class being in the line up at HOYS this year. As the numbers were called in reverse I thought they’d made a mistake, as my number still hadn’t been called out. As they got down to the final two I was thrilled to of thought to been placed second in such a strong class but as I wasn’t called forward for second place! I burst into tears and our whole team began screaming and crying. This is when I knew we had qualified. This is the day I have always dreamed of! We are very excited to be going to Olympia. This is the first time we have ever qualified for such a big show and we’ll be flying the flag for all the Exmoors as we are the only Exmoor to have qualified this year.

NPSW would like to wish Jade and Deagol the best of luck at Olympia. 


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