NPSW Advent Calendar – 8th December

Our Native Pony South West advent calendar is an Olympia Countdown. Every day in December we will be featuring one pony that has qualified for Olympia for the BSPS M&M Supreme on Sunday 22nd. Happy December!

Pentrepiod The Judge – 13 year old, Welsh Section D gelding

Sire: Brynithon Royal Knight
Dam: Trefeas Seren Goch

2013 Results:

  • 1st Olympia Semi Final @ Suffolk County
  • 3rd HOYS Q @ Midland County
  • 4th HOYS Q @ Monmouthshire
  • 2nd HOYS Q @ Moreton-in-the-Marsh
  • 3rd Olympia Final @ BSPS Heritage Championships

Judge is owned and ridden by Millie Bagnall.  This is Millie’s qualifying story…

I bought Judge at the end of 2008. Having come through the ranks of pony classes then moving into Cob and Hunter classes I was rather ‘out of the loop’ regarding Natives. A friend had heard Judge would be coming on the market and, knowing I had always coveted a Section D, called me. After a quick ‘Google’ of his name I hightailed it from University in Scotland to go see him. I fell in love with him and a deal was struck. What I didn’t realize was what a following he already had. In our first season I felt like I was in the company of a celebrity, Judge knows far more people than I do!

Since our first season in 2009 Judge and I have qualified for Royal International and HOYS several times.

This year Judge has had a fairly light season. At the Heritage Champs Judge was 3rd in the Semi Final and qualified for Olympia; I was in shock!

He has given me my most memorable rides in the Ring as well as some great results. He is one in a million, always puts a smile on my face and is truly the pony of a lifetime. I can’t wait to ride him at Olympia and know the Party-Animal himself is just as excited.

NPSW would like to wish Millie and Judge the best of luck at Olympia. 

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