Exmoors as Children’s Ponies

Exmoor ponies make the most glorious friends for children, trust me, I’ve had several. My children, Harry & Lowenna adore their Exmoor ponies and their favourite show of the year is always the Exmoor Pony Breed Show, not least because know so many people there and they always manage to win such wonderful prizes! The Exmoor Ponies regularly attract a great deal of attention at events because they are so identifiable, unusual and .people tend not to think of them as children’s ponies. It is our aim to offer the very best sort of advertising and promotion for our breed by taking the ponies out into the wider equine community and showing how wonderful Exmoor ponies can be!


Dunkery Tawny Owl

Owly was the first pony the children rode; a stallion too. We purchased a basket saddle and both of my children were riding Owly before they could walk! They both very much enjoyed the rocking motion and often fell asleep out on rides. As the children got a little older they took him to kids club, showed him on the leading rein and spent hours out hacking. He really is a fantastic ambassador for his breed.

Hawkwell Sariska

I was very lucky that our friends, Pete & Alison Yates, sent their lovely little mare to us for breaking. Harry was only 5 at the time and we were thrilled that she was able to open new opportunities for him in the show ring. She even gave Harry his first taste for Young Handlers where they won their first trophy at the Exmoor Pony Breed Show and he has won the same class and trophy every year since!

Tawbitts Golden Toffee Two

I purchased Toffee Two on a whim. I saw her gathered off the moor as a foal and actually fell in love with her Mother, Golden Toffee, who had the most divine temperament. When we went to collect Toffee Two as a just weaned foal, her breeders advised her that she wasn’t at all easy and it would be up to us to halter her! She’s always been feisty but has her Mother’s good nature and is just wonderful for the children who love hacking and showing her.

Beinnliath Luachair

Lucy was purchased when Owly had his accident and the children didn’t have anything to ride. I bought her unseen over the telephone as an unbroken six year old. Within a week of her arriving, the children were riding her out on hacks on the leading rein. She’s taught the children so much and is worth her weight in gold.

The Show Ring

I was worried that the reputation of the Exmoor would affect our results in the children’s leading rein classes. We’ve worked hard to ensure that our ponies are turned out to the very best of our abilities and of course, their excellent natures always shine through. None of them have ever required riding in and all will show on a loose rein so, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that they are looked upon as equals to the other breeds and on the very limited outings they’ve had, the Exmoors have done really very well!

Some of our success includes:

  • Twice Exmoor Pony Breed Show Reserve Ridden Champions (with two different ponies)
  • Exmoor Pony Breed Show Moorbred Ridden Champion
  • Cornwall Open Show M&M Mini Champion
  • Fraddon Horse Show, M&M Ridden Champion
  • Jubilee Riding Club Reserve Ridden Champion
  • Newquay Riding Club Reserve Ridden Champion
  • We’ve also won the leading rein class at the breed show for the last four years in a row with three different ponies!

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