PROFILE: Julian Westcott – Meet the Judge

Being a judge on the EPS panel is no easy task. After application and committee approval you must undertake three years of probational duties with a fellow EPS Panel Judge. We talk to some of the judges that are on the panel, and get a sneak peak into how their minds work.

Julian Westcott (Herd 1 Exmoor Ponies)

1. How long have you been an EPS Judge?

4 Years I think?

2. What is your Exmoor pony history?

Born and bred with them. Family have always kept them and Herd 1 is one of the oldest surviving herds. Parents were judges, we are all inspectors. Didn’t really have much choice! haha

3.Do you have an idea of the perfect exmoor?

.Favourite is a nice mare really! Must, must have all breed characteristics and a good eye as we are beginning to lose the toad eye with a good pad underneath. Free movement. Must have presence.

4. What are your pet hates when judging?

​Ponies that can move but the handler can’t. Dishevelled handlers including incorrect dress. No dark trousers and people that can’t be bothered to stand their pony up properly

,5. What are your favourite qualities of the exmoor?

Their independent character. They don’t need us as much as we need them.

6. What do you first look for when judging?

Something that catches your eye when it comes in the ring. A good pony never fails to do this

7. What is your judges top tip?

Be aware that the judge can be glancing at your pony at any time, so never be complacent.

8. What do you look for in a ridden class?

​Like to see a pony that is actually enjoying it. Free moving. NOT over bent. rider that is not too big for the pony, well balanced pony and well schooled.

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