2017 Hardicott Herd Inspection

Hardicott Balou (Hardicott Troy x Helmantor Heidi) (c) Jenna Payne

Earlier this week, I was pleased to be invited to inspect two foals with Lindsay Silvey for Antonia Tuckett, owner of the Hardicott Herd; an in-ground herd of Exmoor ponies in Devon. Antonia has been breeding Exmoors for the past 10 years, her first pony being Hardicott Socrates (Moorland Kingfisher x Snowball A/260), born in 2007.

I’ve had the pleasure of inspecting with Lindsay here before, so I was happy to attend in spite of my injured leg as the ponies are always so well trained and good natured. It was clear from talking to Antonia that she knows the importance of breeding for temperament as it ensures that all her ponies go on to have a purpose whether as children’s ponies or for adults to ride or drive. As expected, all the ponies behaved beautifully and were friendly and inquisitive of their visitors.


1. Hardicott Corylus (Hardicott Shiraz x Hebe). 2. Hardicott Caramello (Hardicott Shiraz x Hardicott Twix). 3. Corylus has a chat with Damion Silvey. (c) Jenna Payne

Both of the colt foals, who we were the to inspect, are by Hardicott Shiraz (Moorland Kingfisher x Vintage A/325), and in spite of being born only two weeks apart were incredibly different. Hardicott Corylus (ex. Hebe 305/4) was much smaller and daintier than, Hardicott Caramello (ex. Hardicott Twix), who was a strapping great lad who is destined to make a wonderful riding pony. Corylus had a beautiful head and Antonia hopes that he will make a lovely leading rein pony – his super nature is sure to make him the perfect child’s best friend! Both of the ponies passed their inspections with flying colours.

We were also pleased to be able to meet Hardicott Balou. A big, well grown yearling who is going to be put forward for his stallion licence in 2018. He has tremendous bone, great depth and is sure to be an asset to Antonia’s breeding programme. We wish Antonia & Balou all the best for his stallion licencing and hope to see him out and about in the show ring over the coming few years.

1. Hebe (Frithesden Beacon x Frithesden Dainty). 2. Hardicott Twix (Jiminy Cricket x Cunswick II). 3. Mother & son sharing a haynet. (c) Jenna Payne


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